The Jewelry Piece You choose becomes part of your Life Story.

Based in the shining city of Los Angeles, Miskiaky is the up and coming Jewelry business founded by Daisy and Nestor. Daisy is an entrepreneur with an education in style and a taste for the finer things (and finest jewelry). Nestor is a skilled Diamond Setter with over 10 years of Jewelry experience. Daisy and Nestor are both designers with a focus on achieving all their clients Jewelry Dreams. They've partnered with local jewelers to bring a new energy to the jewelry market. These top quality pieces at Miskiaky are a testament to the tradition of hand-selected jewels and artisanship, yet the designs challenge convention and defy expectation. Wearing Miskiaky jewelry is a way to tell the world you don’t play by its rules. Why use words when you can announce yourself in emeralds, or declare your intentions with a flawless diamond? With a range of available styles, you can pick a certain piece that makes every day feel like a special occasion, or wave inhibition goodbye with 5 karat rings on every finger. There is strength in the sparkle, so make your way in Miskiaky jewelry.

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